Parkside Release

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Lot # ▲SizeFrontageAvailability ▲ 
102558m2 30m Available
104489m2 12.6m Available
105555m2 16.5m Available
106291m2 11.24m Available
109225m2 7.5m Available
110225m2 7.5m Available
112291m2 11.24m Available
113424m2 15.54m Available
114375m2 12.5m Available
332450m2 15m Available
333450m2 15m Available
334375m2 12.5m Available
337375m2 12.5m Available
338450m2 15m Available
339450m2 15m Available
340450m2 15m Available
341484m2 16m Available
103629m2 18.61m Under offer
111300m2 10m Under offer
335375m2 12.5m Under offer
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